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Okay, I just visited a website called "". I read what they had to say, and to tell the truth, it got me to thinking about my lifestyle. Am I right? Is this something I shouldn't be doing? After pondering that, I cam to a conclusion. I concluded that I am not hurting anyone and if I'm not hurting anyone, then why does it bother people? I will agree there are parts of the furry lifestyle, that are dark, and I consider wrong. But we live in a country where we can express ourselves and not be ashamed. Even though I disagreed with what "" I enjoyed reading it, because it reminded me that "Freedom is a two way street" -Big Gay Al/South Park. If I am allowed to express myself, then other people should be allowed too...I just wish they would find a better, more non-harmful way of saying it, not saying things like god hates furries. To the operator of that website, if you are reading this, let me ask you a question. How do you know what god hates? Are you Jesus reincarnated? Does he talk to you at night? You stated in your website:
Furries are known to be irrational, quick to anger, easily offended, self-righteous and very, very, very dim.
"self-righteous"...You, who pretty much "down to the core" is the so called "voice of god" You know who he hates, okay... does he hate murderers? Child rapists? I bet he does...but lets see a website on that won't find a because people like you are too busy mocking people who aren't doing anything wrong. And something else...the god you speak of sounds like an ignorant ass. Obviosly you are reading the wrong bible. As Jesus once said, "Let him without sin cast the first stone". You are far from perfect my friend, as am I, or any of the people reading this. I said before, there are dark sides to everything. I am well aware of the pedophilia of the furry culture, the Cub culture...Personally,  find it disgusting and morally wrong. That is my opinion, but i will not force it on others. do not attack the people caught in the middle.

I embrace the furry culture for many reasons. One of which, it allows those who embrace it to let go from conforming to others in another way. It brings me closer to nature, and its lack of assholes like the owner of No I do not fursuit! (Only when bowling) I am not a pervert who sits in his room, looking at porn all day. I do not meet random people in fursuits and have sex with them.
I am a musician, anthropomorphic artist, writer and embracer of the furry fandom. This was the best thing that ever happened to me, because it got me away from walking down the wrong road. This has brought me closer to my friends, and made me appreciate the little things.
Thats why I am a furry...

I found your website full of errors, and quite frankly, I think you need to work on your research a bit more before posting a website such as the one you operate. You seem to base all of your so called "research" on your opinion of the lifestyle. Well, I don't know what complex you have with furries, but I think you should get it checked out, because obviosly its not healthy for you. Why are you even wasting your time with this? You could be doing things to benefit people somehow...obviosly, you are good with computers...why not put your skills in where they actually help people? I believe that you spend way too much time researching furries. You could probably put the most yiff-addicted fur to shame with how much bandwidth YOU use. So go on, keep saying bad things about us, because you feel it is important to mock us. I'm sure every person who doesn't know what a furry is goes to your website, and sends you letters of praise, saying "Oh wow, you have made my life better by taking the precious time out to talk about the acts of half of the furry population that actually do sick and twisted things...thank you very have opened my eyes sir!" So keep writing your words of hate, just because you have nothing better to do. So WHO really needs a life? Me...or you...The one who seems content typing into his computer about how much he hates furries. Its not like some little pathetic person such as yourself will ever make a difference in the matter of "furries". Now I'm not going to sit here all night, trying to get my point across... Unlike you I don't have to much spare time on my hands, what, with all the butt yiff and the fur care and what-not.  I have to go now, to get dressed, and go yiff a foxy vixen...I'll tell you how it turns out ^^...

I speak for all furries when I say...

(The one with the tail)

Lifes too short to be pissed off, buddy..the sooner people like you realize this, the sooner this world would be a far better place....

I wrote the above as an email, and i just wanted to share it with you.
I must innsist that you check out this page, just so you can form your own opinion, not just take mine. I feel it is important to show both sides of the story, and this owner of the website, clearly focuses everything on the negativity of the furry culture, his research is not research at all.

I hope my journal didn't offend any of my friends, the end of the email was sarcasm for dramatic pourpouses. No vixens were harmed in the making of this email.


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Cane-McKeyton Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Some people just hate furries with a passion. To them it's a modern day witch hunt.
Windwaker56 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2007
Yeah...but that doesn't really bother me..I mean people can hate us all they want, but i just don't see the point in putting so much time into something negative...You know? It seems kind of could be spending all of your time on something that you just doesn't make sense to me...
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